Bartender™ Automation

BarTender Automation version_label-design-software-2

BarTender Automation 2022 Edition provides efficient automated printing with powerful process automation and business application integration. Enterprises of any size can seamlessly automate their label and document printing.

Flexible Integration Supports Broad Interoperability:

  • Create new business processes and support existing ones with a comprehensive set of integration methods and actions
  • Run integration actions using multiple triggers and methods including: HTTP web service (REST or SOAP), file drop, database monitoring, e-mail, TCP or UDP network port, serial port and MSMQ
  • Integrate automated printing processes using common data structures and formats such as XML, JSON, YAML, SAP IDOCs, Oracle XML, ASCII & Unicode coded text-based data
  • Enable label printing, database queries, network communications and much more with over 70 action types
  • Build custom web application integrations using BarTender REST API to automate label printing
  • Integrate with the BarTender print engine, print scheduler, print server and system database APIs using a .NET API

Includes all of BarTender’s most powerful design features. Numerous software integration tools, such as ActiveX Automation, enterprise messaging and Seagull’s Commander utility for cross-platform integration. All the data sourcing of Professional, plus support for SAP IDocs. Supports RFID tags and labels. All card printing functions but only encodes magnetic stripes. Includes all of the Companion Applications except Librarian, but not all of the features. Logging into local database only.

Omitted from this version is it does not offer the enhanced server functions, advanced integration (such as XML and SAP All), and web printing capabilities of Enterprise Automation (see above). No smart card encoding. No librarian. Excludes some Companion Application features. No logging into centralised databases. No inventory control of printer supplies.