SC-350 Autofed Sheet Label Cutter

The SC-350 Autofed Sheet Label Cutter is ideal for reliable and automatic small batch production and DIY business. It can do continuous contour-cutting jobs on various printable self-adhesive stickers and labels. It is a great choice for copy shops, graphic shops, office applications and many more.

Equipped with a high-resolution CCD camera, the SC-350 Sheet Cutter can easily read a unique QR-code at the beginning of each sheet, allowing for sheets with different cut jobs to be mixed.

Speed is productivity

Paper feed in under 2 seconds, mark detection in 4 seconds, and max cutting speed 1200mm/s.

Compatible OS

SC350 supports both Windows and Mac.

Advanced digital cutting technology

Combination Of high resolution camera registration system and QR-code job retrieval makes DIY label cutting much easier.

Easy Access Maintenance

The side panels of SC-350 are easily removed for easier maintenance. Internal sensors sense jams and maintenance issues, with visual feedback on the display screen.

Easy operation

plug and play, no additional drivers needed – The 4.3 inch HD touch screen makes the operation even more convenient and user-friendly.

Stable And Fast Paper Feeding

Fully automatic, advanced constant paper feeding system ensures continuous multi-sheets cutting without paper jams. Truly realize “unattended” operation