Flatbed Cutter FC500VC

The FC500VC flatbed cutter is ideal for small- and medium-sized production and samples of packaging, swing tickets, cards, and labels. It can process up to 600gsm of paper, cardboard, synthetics, films, and labels.

Using advanced digital contour cutting technology, no cutting dies are required. The flatbed cutter is able to process sheets to any shape instantly. It can handle full- and  half-depth cutting, creasing, and perforating.


Plug and Play

Simple installation with no additional drivers needed.


Compatible OS

Supports both Windows and Mac.


One-Click repeat function

Great for cutting the same job. Just replace paper, return to origin, and repeat the last page.


Multiple cut and crease

For thicker materials, a single pass may not provide enough pressure. The cutter can be programmed to cut or crease over multiple passes accurately.


Continuous cutting

For cutting more than 2 sheets, the first sheet can be changed while cutting the second sheet, reducing down time.