Towa Label Applicator APF-30

Towa label applicator APF-30 is an epoch-making tool to simply and firmly dispense and apply eye catching labels of various shapes.

The APF series applicators are designed to dispense rectangular and non-rectangular labels including circle labels, oval and many other shapes.

Towa label applicator APF-30 includes a “Slide Mech- Sensor System” to provide support for round, oval and other non-rectangular shape label, you just need to align the label in the centre to assure high performance.

It is an ideal space saving device that can satisfy the needs of a variety of business such as Retailers, Logistics, Couriers, Agriculture and Fishery, Manufactures among others.

Towa label applicator APF-30 is a convenient and durable machine that can help you to increase the number of items to be labelled every day.