Introducing BarTender Cloud Designer

Once again, Seagull Scientific have changed the game with the announcement of their latest labelling technology: BarTender Cloud Designer.

BarTender Cloud was released earlier this year as a centralized, easy-to-use cloud-based platform that allowed users to print their uploaded files from any web browser or mobile device. By using a standardized labelling process, businesses were able to save on time, money and effort.

Now, they’ve taken it one step further with the launch of BarTender Cloud Designer. This latest innovation allows users to design, share and print their labels entirely in the cloud – a first in the labelling industry.

This is a user-friendly solution that not only streamlines the design process but eliminates the need to run and maintain on-site hardware. This means big savings when you reduce costs on hardware, upgrades, maintenance, and IT support.

With BarTender Cloud Editor you can now create designs from anywhere in the world. Access all of your resources from any device and collaborate with others in real time! If you want to log in and make changes to a design yourself, now you can. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that existing BarTender users can transition seamlessly to the cloud-based solution without the need for additional training.

Harold Boe, CEO of Seagull Scientific said: ‘True design-and-print Cloud labelling is finally here. As organizations undertake digital transformation initiatives and move their labelling to the cloud, being able to design labels without on-premises software was the last critical step. The launch of BarTender Cloud Designer is another step in our company’s commitment to providing user-friendly, cost-effective solutions for our customers. We took the BarTender Label Designer that everyone loves and optimized it for usage in the Cloud.’

BarTender Cloud Designer is available now for BarTender Cloud users at no additional charge.

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